Thursday, 3 August 2017

Gov. Obaseki Bans use of Public Schools and Roads for Social Events

The Edo State government has banned the use of public schools and roads for social events.
Edo State is notorious for this; they cause traffic
when they block main roads with their canopies and tents during weddings, burials or any social event. This movie by the government, is a welcome development.

The only one I don't understand is the ban from using school fields. As long as it is done when they are not in session, I don't see it really being a problem,
Anyhoo, read excerpts from the statement below...................
“By our ancestry as Edo people, we have always shown the example of public order and decency which others have emulated over the years and this administration is determined to make Edo a model of magnificence and beauty once again.”

“Henceforth, any violation of this decision of government will be dealt with in accordance with extant laws” and urged all agencies of government to enforce compliance.

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