Thursday, 10 August 2017

Move Over Biafra….Another Region "Midwestern Republic" Threatens to Leave Nigeria


Move over Biafra. Move over Odudua. Another republic is threatening to seek independence in Nigeria.

It is called Midwest Movement and it is being formed by a former governorship aspirant in Edo State, Don Pedro Obaseki. He is also a cousin of the present governor of the State, Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

The group is demanding that the Federal Government should implement the 1963 constitution and should
also pay attention to Midwestern Nigeria.

According to him, the Republic will be made up of the following tribes; , Benin, Urhobor, Isoko, Esan, Ijaw , Itshekiri, Etsako, Owan, Anionma, Akoko-Edo, Ika and Undokwa.

Midwestern Movement is seeking…...................

“That government and representatives of the people in parliament should consciously heed the voices of reason who have called for a re-federalization of the country, using all available constitutional means while factoring the interests and aspiration of all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

“That government and its officials should refrain from and resist the temptation of casting all those calling for peaceful resolution of the current political impact, as mere appointment seekers.

“The government should as a matter of urgency, broading its consultation and engagement with stakeholders of all ethnic nationalities, with a view to working out modalities to ease the current avoidable tension in the country.”

The Movement however warned that should the government continues to play ostrich to the current agitation, the Midwest territorial area shall resist all attempt to annex, attach or conscript it as part of the area of any of its near of far neighbors.

“That if the federation of Nigeria fails to hold under the weight of government’s inability to play its constitutional role and because of of the reckless actions​ of ethnic jingoists, the Midwest Territorial Area…shall employ, embrace and adopt every available international instruments, conventions and protocols​to take it’s destiny in its own hands as a Stand Alone Territory to be called Bendel Republic or any such name or appellation our people so choose to adopt.”

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