Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Nigerian Man Claims Animals in Europe are Better Than Nigerians

Amb. Osagie is an Edo State born philanthropist, who is based abroad.
Pictures of Nigeria of today and zoo in Europe

Many animals in foreign countries live better than many people in Nigeria. It is an obvious truth but many people will argue it because of sentiments. Here are some facts!
1. Europe zoo have 24 hours electricity but in Nigeria 90% of us live in the dark.
2. All animals get frequent medical treatment but in Nigeria many of us can not get medical treatments.
3. There is water in all zoo but many homes in Nigeria have no water.

4. There is charge if any zoo animal is maltreated but in Nigeria you can get killed without any justice.
Let's start telling ourselves the truth. Many animals in zoos in Europe live a far better live than many Nigerians.


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