Saturday, 23 September 2017

Check out Throw Back Pics of Sade Adu, Her Parents and Her Elder Brother, Banji

That popular singer,and one of my all time fave singers. Her early songs still give me nostalgic feelings from when I was a child Sade Adu, is of mixed parentage is no news. Her parents are from Nigeria and Britain. While her father,Adebisi Adu, was a Nigerian lecturer in economics, her mum, Anne Hayes, was a British nurse.
The couple got married in 1955, but separated when Sade Adu was 4 years old. The singer and her elder brother, Banji Adu, travelled with their mum to England.

The couple may have separated, but her reportedly still loved her dad. According to the singer......
"My mother left my father because she found it impossible to live with him, although they loved each other very much. It was hard for my mother because he was the man of her life. On her wedding day my father gave her a red rose and when he died she threw it in his grave. She’d kept it for 30 years. That was the moment I realised how deeply she cared for him.” 
Check out throw back pictures of the singer, her mum, dad and her brother, Banji. Her maternal grand mum can also be spotted in one of the pictures.

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