Friday, 22 September 2017

Man Dumps Wife After Disfiguring Her (Pictures)

Oh my goodness. When you hear stories like these, you just loose hope in love and humanity. How can a man be so cruel
According to the story, this 27 year old woman,Courtney Waldon of Tallapoosa was disfigured by her hubby, Mitchell Cobb, aged 29, after he accidentally threw a gas canister at her (accidental??Really?!!)

She was in comma for 51 days and was of course in shock when she woke up to find out what happened to her. You can imagine she would have to cope with the psychological trauma of her physical change, then there is the most difficult one....rejection.

Like the 'wise old woman' said after I gisted her.....her hubby never loved her. He was only infatuated by her beauty.

My response people, especially men, know what love is?

Read the full story here.

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