Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Nigerian Woman Claims Tiwa Savage is always high because of Tblizz + Compares relationship with Ike and Tina Turner

Tiwa Savage's public spat with her hubby, Tblizz, may be over, with the couple getting back together, but some people aren't happy. 

They claim she has been getting high to the point of it affecting her performances and this Facebook user is putting the blame squarely on her hubby...Tblizz.

What do women want?.... Walahi! Most don't know..So they simply aspire to attain the very apex of societal expectations!

You will find her , desperately clinging to a man , because society tells her, she needs a man.

She 'll crave for kids, even when she has no idea how to provide for them. Or what it might cost her.

This brings me to the issue of Tiwa Savage (Nigerian Beyonce). After she left her husband and granted that interview ..I said this is it!......If she's bold enough to tell the world, that husband Bliss spends her money on heroin, then there is no way baby girl is taking that piece of trash back ..

But after several lashing from "society", she ran back to the fool.....

A Fool 'll always remain a fool, and a fool will ruin you , your offsprings and your career if you let him. . He 'll take even your beauty and give you ashes. ....Don't let him!

She went back , to the same irresponsible husband n father . The one she claims doesn't even buy something as cheap as diapers for their son..The same person who doesn't care when she's ill. The same person who takes money for shows on her behalf, and joyfully squanders her sweat on women and drugs...

But society told her pray, and hope for the best......To take a junky back and act like all well...Society told her, even a half man as "head and glory"is better than been a divorcee.......oh well!

It's been a year since they made up, but I 've noticed a change in her.......I was watching her recent life perfomance , and I pointed out to a friend, how high Tiwa was...This friend looked closely and said "yes , she sure looks high " ....With funny steps on stage and all ...... ......

So that's for that...You don't pull a Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston , and expect to remain the same.

I mean who in their right minds takes advice from the Nigerian populace?.. Folks whose brains have been severed, by fumes from electricity generators? This folks can't even fix their own lives. .

Women want Freedom , to live on their own terms...Don't condition her!


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