Sunday, 3 September 2017

Omosede Igbinedion Wants to Become First Female Governor of Edo State

A softsell magazine ran a caption insinuating that she wants to become the next female governor of the state. 
She did not deny nor distance herself from the publication. She instead, affirmed that 

"It's time for women  to take the lead" in the state.
If she does this, she would be setting another record. She is the first female Federal Rep to represent her people (?). 

Her family, the Igbinedions, would also be the first family in the State, and Nigeria at large, to produce two governors. 

It would be a tough one for her though. Edo State is generally perceived as a misogynistic state. Heck, a woman has never made it to the seat of deputy governor in the state.

Dreams are valid when they acted on and become reality. No one gave her a chance when she ran for her current seat. Everyone I talked to wrote her off.......But she campaigned and won. Let's see what her next political move would be.

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