Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I'm Wondering Why Multichoice Reported Yeoal to Facbook

This post was written early this morning. I decided to finally post it.

So I had a sh£$ty hectic day yesterday that I had virtually no time for anything.....not even to eat *lol*.

You can imagine my shock when I got home, logged into my Facebook account and I got the above message.

I must confess, that was the final drainer. I just logged off my account, ate a few spoons of food and hit the bed. I didn't have time for any unnecessary drama today abeg!!!

I am awake now and I am wondering what this is all about.

I uploaded a BBNaija video that went viral on my Facebook page. Talked about it briefly and kept it moving. I even blogged on it.

The next thing I got the following day was a take down on Facebook.

I have some questions though.........

Did I infringe any copyright? I am no lawyer, but this is a viral content and from the little I know about copyright laws, viral content does not have solid copyright.

That video is still on other

On my Facebook page and in the article, I revealed that the video was from BBNaija.....a show Multichoice has links with. There is no where in that article that I claimed ownership of it.

Most importantly, why wasn't I contacted? I have 2 emails that are displayed on my blog. I could have been contacted via either of them.

I want to end this by saying this.....Nigerian bloggers are not a problem and an enemy of the culture of Showbiz and entertainment. If anything, we have helped grow the Nigerian entertainment sector tremendously.

All these attacks upandan are unnecessary.

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