About Yeoal

I am a twenty something year old female who loves to talk about issues as they occur, be it serious or down right silly.
I love  life and feel there is always something to be happy about. I believe in love and it's beauty .The confidence to pursue your dreams and be happy.

        We celebrate both the known and the unknown among us, talk about everything beautiful and romantic from the beginning, up to the WEDDING and beyond as we explore love through the eyes of CINDERELLA.
        We love everything stylish and beautiful celebrating our DESIGNERS OF NOTE while also recognizing UP AND COMING TALENTS.
        Let us talk about BIZARRE happenings around us as we learn from the mistakes of others.
        The sweet melody gotten from music can not be denied. But what is sweeter? A great VIDEO. Celebrate the creativity of artistes from Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world through their MUSIC and VIDEOS.
        Beautiful moments when frozen and shown to the world are worth celebrating. Explore the joy, pain and the STYLISHLY beautiful through our pictures.
Be informed about happenings around the world as the NEWS unfolds.
        In summary NOTHING IS OUT OF BOUNDS be it conservative or controversial topics and everything worth talking about and celebrating. And yes while you are at it share your thoughts and views as you leave your comments because IT IS YOUR PREROGATIVE TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING.

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